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Why risk losing your valuables to a home burglary or fire.  You have worked extremely hard to acquire your assets.  Many of our most prized possessions are irreplaceable.  Pictures, passports, family heirlooms, guns, cash, investments, gold, documents, are all examples why everyone, gun owner or not should own a safe.

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Although many safe manufacturers claim to provide great security and fire protection, very few safes live up to their claim. Safe manufacturers are choosing to build products overseas to cut costs.  While they may be saving in costs, the consumer is paying greatly in construction, security, fire protection, and customer service.

Join the tens of thousands who have already found an affordable, dependable, and wise way to safeguard their most valued possessions in the convenience of their own homes with a custom built Heritage safe. All Heritage Safes are made in the USA and offer an incredible lifetime warranty.  Why sacrifice on Security?

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On December 7, 2005 we were at the hospital and had a house fire. The house was totally destroyed. The only thing that was saved was my guns and papers that were in the safe. I would recommend a Heritage Safe to anyone.

Ashland, OH